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Recorded trumpeter Babu Irudhayaraj for Director Mahi.V.Raghav's next Telugu film Siddha

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

We recorded some killer trumpet lines played by Babu Irudhayaraj for the background score of an upcoming Telugu film Siddha, directed by Mahi.V.Raghav

High ceiling recording room, Studio C is the largest room in the facility and is designed to comfortably accommodate around 20 musicians. At 20 ft, the ceiling is higher than most studios in the city and is sure to provide an interesting dimension to recordings, if that's the client's intention. The room is populated with a number of music instruments, right from basic guitars, drums, etc. to quirky synths and percussion instruments.

Please feel free to get in touch for a studio tour and booking.

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