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Recording and Mixing Studio complex
in Nungambakkam.

Studio A

Studio A

Studio A is a comfortable space to mix content in various formats - Stereo, 5.1 Surround, 7.1 Surround,

Dolby Atmos. It would also serve as a control room for monitoring

recording sessions which would take place in Studio C.


Studio B

A room designed for Surround Mixing for OTT, Sound Design and Premixing for theatrical releases.

Studio C

Studio C is the largest room in the facility and is designed to comfortably accommodate around 20 musicians. At 20 ft, the ceiling is higher than most studios in the city and is sure to provide an interesting dimension to recordings, if that's the client's intention. The room is populated with a number of music instruments, right from basic guitars, drums, etc. to quirky synths and percussion instruments.

The design ethic behind Studio A and Studio B is derived from the non-environment room in which you hear only the signals coming from the speakers and the room contributes little to nothing to what you hear, making it the most accurate sound that you can possibly hear. At the same time, the design also accommodates a comfortable listening environment for the engineer and others in the room, making Studio A and Studio B excellent Hemi-Anechoic rooms.



Architect - Ashwin Ashok Seshadri

Acoustics and systems integration - Turnkey Acoustics

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