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Composer Arun Raj recorded for Pizza 3 at River Records Studios

At our recording studio, we had the privilege of collaborating with composer Arun Raj recently. Arun crafted captivating pieces for the highly anticipated film, 'Pizza 3'.

River Records Studios team congratulates him and extends best wishes for the film's release.

Our skilful Engineer, Balasubrahmanyam Sethuram, ensured every note was impeccably captured.

At River Records Studios, we strive to provide you with an atmosphere that nurtures creativity, allowing artists to explore various musical possibilities freely- just as Composer Arun Raj did with his group of musicians.

As ‘Pizza 3’ gears up for release, we take pride in being part of this musical journey.

We cherish such collaborations and eagerly look forward to more enriching musical experiences in the future.

If you are looking for a space for your next recording, come check out our 20 ft high ceiling recording room Studio C.

Call 9789857421 for more info.

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