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Record in a 20 ft high ceiling room that can accommodate 20 musicians/singers.

Mix content in various formats - Stereo, 5.1 Surround,

7.1 Surround, Dolby Atmos.



K, Music Composer &
Founder of
River Records Studios

I wanted to build a space that composers like myself would really enjoy working in. 
In Studio A, you would be working in a Surround environment and can choose between 5.1 or 7.1 or Dolby Atmos. I'm especially excited about Dobly Atmos as I believe that's the future of film music and independent music. 

Studio B is a purpose-built room for Small Format Surround Mixing and Stereo Mixing.

In the 20 ft high ceiling recording room, Studio C, you can comfortably record a

20-musician orchestra.

Feel free to contact our team 

for a studio tour. 


River Records is a studio complex in Nungambakkam, Chennai.

Studio A: Dolby Atmos HE Mix Room  

Studio B: 7.1 Surround Mix Room

Studio C: Ensemble Recording Room

Studio A has been designed to Dolby Atmos HE (Home Entertainment) specifications. All dimensions and angles have been factored in to meet the specifications exactly. It would be the ideal place for you to mix your next Dolby Atmos HE content. 

Studio B is a 7.1 small format mixing studio where you can do all OTT work (not requiring Atmos certification) in Stereo, Mono, 5.1, or 7.1. You can also do track laying, sound effects creation - all kinds of pre-mixing works. 

Studio C is a 20 ft high ceiling recording room that can accommodate 20 musicians/singers. It is populated with a range of musical instruments. 



Studio B is perfect for track laying, 5.1 premixes and 7.1 premixes for films. An ideal set up to get the complete OTT workflow done in one room. With JBL monitoring controlled by Intonato, one can get a quick and accurate judgement of the sound.


We happened to spend a day, at this beautiful River Records Studios of K! K is not a new name to Music and Cinema lovers, but what's new is that this space offers you state of the art recording technology with a serene ambience to work, is a brainchild of K. River Records Studios has been equipped with world class infrastructure, which you can discover for yourself. 

We as a team enjoyed recording our song would like to express is the aftertaste. Recording in itself is a very technical process, though music is entertaining and enjoyable the mechanics can make us feel tiresome. The moment you enter River Records you almost forget that it's in the heart of one of the noisiest and busiest cities in India. Chennai is also known to be the Music Capital, illustrating to this contradiction we do feel the peace inside the studio complex. The clean and cozy lobby with wonderful books, one on Jim Morrison to name, a coffee/tea maker and a retro Casio mini keyboard and a ukulele on the table, makes it an instant love at first sight. 

The control room with Atmos certified acoustics and equipment is a beauty! K and his team had constructed it with extreme care and with some marvellous engineering which is very very user friendly. Again to speak of the cleanliness, from air purifiers to not letting us even have coffee inside the studio K makes sure the atmosphere remains not just state of the art but spiritual too. The ensemble of the musical instruments from an antique piano/organ to the folk instruments and bongos, it's a delight even to just watch them lying quiet when not used! 

On the whole the River Records is like a zen haiku from Basho. 

The old pond
A frog leaps in.
Sound of the water.

 if the frog jumps in, 
it's gonna create music, ya, isn't all sounds music and otherwise!

Kudos K and Team for River Records let you reach new heights. 

Subbu & team


The studios are available to rent at affordable rates.
Please contact our team to find out more and book. 
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7/4 Ramanujam Street, 
Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034

WhatsApp: 9789857421


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