Recording at SoundGarden Pondicherry

We left Chennai around 7.30 in the morning along with our precious gear. Pondicherry is about 160 kms away and after a rather uneventful drive, we arrived at Soundgarden, a neat little recording studio owned by Jaigopal Sankaran a.k.a Joe. It took us and Joe’s army of studio help about an hour to re-mic the in-house drum kit to our liking. The Bass and guitar amp situations were much easier to handle. They had a couple huge Marshall and Ampeg amps for us to play around with.

After a good lunch at Villa Shanti, we headed back to the studio and started the actual recording process. Probably due to activities during lunch, I wasn’t able to make my mind up if liked what I heard through the monitors! Fortunately it didn’t last too long. I quickly understood what to expect as the end result and was quite happy with our recording. We went on to record 'I' on the bass and Self, took off his drummer hat and put on his Axeman hat and played some killer riffs. We finally ended up with a decent amount of good material which we plan to work on, to end up with a ‘good sound’.

Overall, good food, good beer and good recording!