By: K | August 24, 2018


Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia was never on my 'Places to Visit' list, until August 2018 when I had the great fortune of experiencing one of the finest moments of my life. I'd traveled to Skopje to record the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra for one of my projects - Yatra.

It was my first time visiting Europe and I was very excited to be stepping on European soil! The city had a lovely old world charm and surprisingly, it made me nostalgic; it was probably because of the many tiled roof buildings which took me back to my grandparents' place in Tamil Nadu, India. 

After some beginner level sightseeing and spending time with myself, I appeared at the F.A.M.E.S studio where everything was set up for the session which was due to start at noon. I was thrilled to experience the level of professionalism with which the engineers, the musicians and the rest of the crew worked to ensure that there were absolutely no hiccups in the process. My music, which was to be part of three songs, was recorded in around three and a half hours by the orchestra which had around 50 musicians and was ably conducted by Mr. Oleg Kondratenko. 

The studio itself was a huge building with a lovely minimalistic design. I was told by Mr. Laurent Koppitz, the person running the show, that they'd used studio designers from France along with local architects to complete the world-class studio which now handles over 300 sessions annually! I'm still in awe about the experience mainly because of the speed and precision with which the orchestra worked. 

F.A.M.E.'S — Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra
Songs for Yatra
F.A.M.E.'S Studio

On a side note, I met some interesting people during my stay in Skopje, including a young globetrotting 'Digital Nomad' couple from Chennai, the city I'm from. 

Here's to more musical travel experiences!

By: K | August 01, 2018


Extremely satisfied with the latest additions to our mic locker. The classic Electro- Voice RE 20 and the lovely Stereo Ribbon Microphone from Golden Age Projects, the R1ST. 

In fact, we got a pretty neat recording of a drum kit with the ribbon microphone place directly over the kit and the RE 20 taking care of the kick. I've also used the RE 20 to record tracks for ideations and it works brilliantly when you want to record any signal while listening to audio from your monitors, blocking out most of the unwanted noise.

The Electro Voice RE 20
Golden Age Projects Stereo Ribbon Microphone