By: K | September 03, 2018


Very grateful to Mahi V Raghav and Vijay Chilla for making a me part of this. Many thanks to all the technicians who have worked on the production! 

Here are the credits:

Singer - Kaala Bhairava
Strings, Brass and Woodwinds - Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra
Conductor - Oleg Kondratenko
Percussions - Krishna Kishor 
Backing vocals - Deepak, Shenbagaraj, Narayanan, Santosh Hariharan, K
Musical Assistance and Additional Programming - Biju Sam
Musicians Coordinator and Program In Charge - R.Viswanathan
Orchestra Coordination - Andrew T. Mackay
Studios - Music From The Place, River Records, F.A.M.E.S Project
Recorded by - Giorgi Hristovski, Jason Carrier, Prabhu, K
Pro Tools Operator - Atanas Babaleski
Mixed by - Jaishankar Iyer
Mastered - by Ishit Kuberkar


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By: K | August 06, 2018


I made a day trip to Hyderabad from Chennai to record the very first song of Yatra

Most of the afternoon there was spent at a lovely little studio, nestled at the far end of one of Jubilee Hills' fancy houses. We recorded singer Kaala Bhairava (son of composer Keeravani) for this song. I have to mention that Bhairava postponed his lunch just so that he could sing in an empty stomach which he said helps him handle difficult sections better. That's quite some dedication right there! 

All went well with the recording session, and I look forward to completing the song and moving onto the next one for Yatra. 

Yatra, the movie
Recording Kaala Bhairava for Yatra