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If you have some time and would like to listen to me talk about Annayum Rasoolum, working with Rajeev Ravi and Manikandan, then please do check this podcast out!

You can listen to the songs of Annayum Rasoolum on Gaana here:

Annayum Rasoolum Poster

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During our Chicago trip this time, we spent a rather inspiring evening watching and listening to the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic. The concert was held at Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park and had drawn quite an enthusiastic crowd. It featured brilliant immigrant musicians from India, China, and West Africa along with some locals. 

Some of the Indian and African pieces had dancers accompanying them which added to the beauty of the overall performance. It was a joy watching the group perform and I hope I get to watch them again the next time I’m in Chicago.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion by the day
Jay Pritzker Pavilion by night
Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Stage

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The end of May usually has us making our annual trip to Mumbai to attend the Pro Audio Lights and Music (P.A.L.M) Convention. I was introudced to it by my friend and Audio Engineer/Acoustician/Musician Jaishankar Iyer. 
It never fails to make me feel like a kid in a candy store! There are hundreds of stalls displaying thousands of products and the latest technology in the fields of Pro Audio and related equipment. Added to this, they have experts of various fields related to audio and music speaking and being part of panels discussions. If that's not enough there are many stages where live performances take place. 

This year's visit was especially interesting and useful to me as I'm in the process of buying gear for my upcoming studio. We managed to find some very good deals and I'm very happy about it!

 (P.A.L.M) Convention
PALM Mumbai

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I've always had a keen passion for the stage and collaborating with other musicians and I'm very happy that after a gap of few years, I once again have the opportunity to be a part of a band of extremely talented musicians. Our band is called Goods Vandi. We perform Indian retro pop, funk, and rock - both originals and covers of old songs. 

Goods Vandi's lineup includes Malgudi Shubha on vocals, Aravind Murali on bass, Donan Murray on guitars, myself on keyboards, and Soundz on drums. We have recently recorded a few of our songs and are now gearing up for a couple of live shows. 

You can follow Good's Vandi's journey here and listen to our songs here

Goods Vandi
Malgudi Shubha
Aravind Murali
Donan Murray
K - Goods Vandi

Goods Vandi - All aboard the freight train!

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Sankalp Reddy and I met at my studio a few days before New Year's Eve 2015. He was in the final stages of pre-production for his debut film, a rather interesting one for that, The Ghazi Attack. It was the story of a forgotten Submarine battle between India and Pakistan which took place in 1971. 
As a Composer, I  think it's my good fortune that films with varied canvases come to me. Ghazi was definitely one of them. The storyline was taut and the production values were top notch with the camera and editing handled by renowned technicians Madhi and Sreekar Prasad respectively. 

Initially, there were two situations in the film which had song sequences in them. As the shooting progressed it was decided to do away with the songs altogether as they didn't fit quite well with the scheme of things. 

The Director and I felt that the music although epic should definitely have an Indian touch to it. So I went about generating ideas for the various sequences and these developed as I received footage from the production which became better with each stage of CG and colour correction. 

One thing that we all agreed upon was to have a  fine balance between music and sound effects (Handled by Tapas Nayak) as the submarine sets had such detailed models of the various electronics and sound producing gadgets and it would've definitely been a shame if the music had overpowered that soundscape. 

We recorded a lovely 30 piece string section, conducted by Yensone, for most of the music in Chennai, at the famous Prasad Labs Studio. This particular studio has quite a generously built recording area with a very high ceiling, at least compared to most spaces remaining in Chennai. You'd agree if I said the studio held a lovely old world charm! 


This short will give you an idea about the process.

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